Best Gaming Desktop

If you’re shopping around for the best gaming desktop for yourself, a friend or family member, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at 3B Systems, we’ve been in the gaming PC industry for over 30 years, building customised computers as well as supplying all of the best brands available.

When it comes to choosing the best gaming desktop for you, it really is an investment, choose the right one and you’ll be playing all of your games with no lag or disruption. Our PCs are powerful, fast and reliable so whichever game you’re playing most, or if you’re playing a wide variety, we’ve got the computer that can handle it.

Ultra-fast PCs are paramount if you’re playing competitively online, that’s why all of the professional competitive gamers have top-quality gear. If your game lags or is slower than your competitors, you’ll have less time to react and they’ll always have the upper hand.

The speed of the computer matters slightly less if you’re playing solely offline games, although to get the best experience possible, you’ll still need one that’s high-performance.

Buying one of our high-spec PCs saves you the hassle of building your own – this takes time and a lot of research. We’re experts when it comes to gaming, we build all of our customer’s computers right here in the UK. Situated in an independent computer shop located in Nelson, Lancashire, we are a team that truly care about our customers’ requirements – unlike big computer companies and franchises, which are solely focussed on selling products, we want each customer to receive the perfect PC for them, whether we custom build it ourselves or select a suitable one from our stock.

The systems we’re going to show you below in our guide to the best gaming PC have all got excellent specs and their price is balanced with their performance. A superior gaming computer requires two things: an excellent CPU and graphics card. All of the below have this.

Let’s get started…

Our guide to the best gaming desktop:

The best of the best

3B Elite Select V1.3 – it’s one of the more expensive PCs we have available in the shop, but this computer is worth every penny when it comes to gaming. It looks great and it runs extremely well, you won’t be comprising on anything if you have this set up. Featuring a CoolerMaster case, ARGB fans and tempered glass sides, the aesthetics of this PC match the performance. Also comes with a high-quality CPU, Intel Core i7 10700F. 16GB memory, 1TB storage. The option to upgrade your memory, HDD and graphics card is also there – making sure you have the absolute best available on the market.

best gaming desktop

Intel Core i7 10700KF New Gaming PC – a superior PC with an even better offer on at the moment. We’ve reduced this system from £2,499 to £2,099 – a massive £400 saving! Excellent 8 core CPU with a 5.1GHz max turbo. 32GB memory, 8GB Geforce graphics card and 1TB SSD. Featuring a Thermaltake View 37, full ATX black case, 4 fans and a gull wing window, this PC looks as good as it performs.

Intel Core i7 10700KF New Gaming PC

Best for under 1500

AMD RYZEN 3B 220T ARGB Gaming PC – an ideal solution to all of your gaming needs, with a price point that’s under £1,500, this could be the perfect partner for you. The CPU is the quality AMD RYZEN 5 5600X, 4th Gen, 6 Core, 35MB, 12 Threads with a normal mode of 3.7GHz as well as a 4.6GHz turbo mode! 16GB memory, 1TB storage and 6GB graphics. Upgrade your memory, HDD and graphics card for an even better experience.


YETI v1.5 – featuring a sleek white Corsair case, four fans, tempered glass sides and a top of the range CPU (AMD RYZEN 7 3700X, Gen 3, 8 Core, 4.4GHz, Normal Mode 3.6GHz*, 16 Threads, 32MB Cache), this Yeti PC could be the answer to your gaming needs. Reduced from £1,599 to £1,449, you’d be getting a great deal and a top-of-the-range computer for just under £1,500.

YETI v1.5

3B Raiden V1.3 – another system that has been reduced from over the £1,500 to just under. This PC was priced at £1,699 and is now down to £1,479, a deal that’s too good to miss out on! Powerful CPU - Intel Core i7 10700F Comet Lake 4.8GHz (Normal 2.9GHz*) 16 Threads 16MB CPU. Excellent graphics and memory. You can choose to upgrade your memory, HDD or graphics card, although you will be going over the £1,500 mark if you choose to add any of these to the PC, we think it’s definitely worth it.

3B Raiden V1.3

Best for under 1000

3B Wolf v1.2 – are the options above still a bit over your budget? No problem! We understand not everyone wants to spend over a thousand pounds on a system and our 3B Wolf does an amazing job. Priced at a respectable £889, this system features an attractive Cooler Master black case, tempered glass sides, 3 fans and a great CPU (AMD RYZEN 5 3600, 6 Core, 4.2GHz, Normal Mode 3.6GHz*, 12 Threads). We can also upgrade your memory, SSD, HDD and graphics card to make this PC just that extra bit better.

3B Wolf v1.2

3B Skull v1.4 – if we’ve still not won you over with any of the above options yet, we’d like to introduce you to the 3B Skull v1.4 featuring an enticing solar white GameMax case, a powerful 6 core AMD Ryzen CPU and an 480GB SSD with 33% faster boot times. This system truly looks the part, with the aesthetics of the case making it look like it’s just come out of a sci-fi movie. Believe it or not, the aesthetics of this system isn’t even the best bit, as the performance of it seriously makes it worthwhile to invest in.

3B Skull v1.4

And that's our guide to the best gaming desktop!

If you would like our team to build you a fully customised PC exact to your requirements or if you need any advice whatsoever, you can get in touch with us.