Graphics Cards

The Graphic cards (GPU) are important in rigs intended for gaming. AMD and nVidia both have a huge ranges of cards across a wide range of prices - low-end to high-end. Choose from GTX®, Geforce®, R7®, R5®, R3®, HD 5 series® & Radeon® technologies. Before buying, ensure you've got a compatible motherboard, that you case has room for it, your PSU has the correct power adapters for the GPU and that you monitor has the correct display connectors (VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort & DVI). AMD and nVidia graphics cards provide exceptional performance and are ideal for gamers. Whether in a desktop PC, gaming computer or home entertainment system AMD and nVidia graphics cards produce stunning results. AMD and NVIDIA are used by many leading manufacturers to enable their graphics cards and boards to be as fast as possible. Trusted brands such as ASUS®, Gigabyte®, MSI®, PNY®, PALIT®, EVGA®, ZOTAC® and INNO3D® have a wide range of cards using Nvidia technology.