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Custom Built PCS

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Fully Customised PCs & Laptops Built to Order. Known as the best of Lancashire when it comes to building customised PCs and Laptops. 3B Systems is known amongst the computing community for its wide range of PC hardware as well as one of the best customer service. When you buy PCs, Laptops or other computing hardware from us, you are guaranteed that you are buying it at the best price.

Gaming PCS

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3B Systems is your Gaming PC Specialist. We build Gaming PCs, stock Gaming Graphics Cards from leading manufacturers, Gaming monitors and fully customised gaming laptops. We also specialise in Intel and AMD CPUs, ultra-fast computer memory (RAM), PC cases and towers, gaming motherboards and other gaming accessories.

Home Computer

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The Technology Centre

Our store is called 'The Technology Centre'. The clue is in the name! If what you are looking for is related to computing, then the chances are we will have it in stock. We stock items from top quality sound cards, gaming chairs, HD quality speakers, to top quality gaming keyboards and mice.

Computer Systems

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Storage & HDD

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Computer RAM

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Graphics Cards

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PC Monitors

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PC Security

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Here at 3B Systems, we don't just build the PCs, rather we offer a wide range of components and peripherals for any PC. Whether you are looking for the latest graphics cards, motherboards, processors or you need a powerful PC cooling system to keep your machine in good shape, the chances are we will have your desired component in stock.

We only build the best PCs

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As one of the biggest online PC shop in Lancashire, we are proud to be known for building the best PCs. Whether you are buying a PC for your home, office, online streaming or you are a gamer who wants to dominate the battles then you are at the right place. We only deal with the best PC parts when it comes to building powerful computers.

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Online store & Showroom

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We aren't just online PC specialists, rather we have our PC Shop in Nelson. We serve PC Gamers, businesses and home PC users from Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Manchester, Bolton, Oldham and wider Lancashire. As well as businesses, home PC users and Computer Gamers from Skipton, Keighley, Bradford and other parts of Yorkshire.

PC Repair services

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Unlike many online PC Specialists, we also repair computer, laptops and tablets. Is your PC is less than five years old and is broken or performing very slow? Instead of upgrading the PC it might be cheaper and the best option to get it repair. We have been building and repairing computers for over 30 years. We will get your PC in perfect working order within days.